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David Shaked (Wernick)

David holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from Columbia University. After years of employment as a research chemist (specializing in computer applications for chemistry) at Exxon in the US and Tel Aviv University in Israel, David turned in 1990 to freelance technical writing and software development. From 1997 to 2000, he was a partner and director of WritePoint Documentation Services. In 2001, he founded AlmondWeb Ltd.

As a technical writer, David specializes in developer documentation—programmer's guides and other manuals intended for an expert technical audience. As a software developer, David specializes in tool and workflow development for technical documentation.

Devorah Shaked (Schesch-Wernick)

Devorah has an M.S. in software engineering from Columbia University. She has long experience in web, Windows, Unix, and Macintosh application development, working in the US for AT&T Bell Labs and in Israel for Scitex, Applicom, Tel Aviv University, WritePoint, and AlmondWeb.

Devorah has taught user-interface design in the Dept. of Industrial Engineering of Tel Aviv University and in the Dept. of Computer Science of Hamichlala Laminhal College, Rishon Lezion. In her spare time, she volunteers as an international administrator, publication and web coordinator, and lecturer for a women's organization.

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