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WebWorks Sales and Support

WebWorks Sales and Support

AlmondWeb is a WebWorks Channel Partner. We offer sales, training, support, configuration, and customization services for WebWorks ePublisher and CloudDrafts. Our services include:

  • Helping documentation departments tool up to a WebWorks-based workflow
  • Developing custom WebWorks configurations
  • Offering WebWorks training courses and informal training sessions
  • Supporting WebWorks users
  • Solving complex help conversion and layout issues requiring WebWorks XSLT customization and programming

For more information, a quote, or a demo, contact AlmondWeb at .

WebWorks ePublisher

WebWorks ePublisher is a leading platform for converting Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker, DITA XML, and Markdown documents to web and online help formats. Using ePublisher, an author can convert a 1000-page book to a polished, release-quality help project or website in a few minutes—including time for review and quality assurance. ePublisher can generate multivolume help libraries containing thousands of help topics.

ePublisher supports multiple output formats, such as web, online help, and PDF, all from the same project. It provides outstanding document localization support in all languages, for example, Western and Eastern European, Asian, and Hebrew. Documentation departments can use ePublisher to implement a streamlined, multiauthor, single-source solution for all their online publishing needs.

WebWorks ePublisher offers:

  • Unparalleled ease of learning for routine help output. We have taught new users how to use ePublisher Express in 10 minutes over the phone—and that is all they need to learn.
  • Comprehensive formatting and graphic design capabilities using ePublisher Designer.
  • Server-based integration of documentation with nightly software builds using ePublisher AutoMap.
  • Zero document conversion costs. ePublisher runs on your existing Word, FrameMaker, DITA, or Markdown source documents. In most cases, no source revisions are necessary for ePublisher compatibility.
  • Responsive output that works well and looks good on any device or operating system: desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Take a look at our sample output and a sample project illustrating embedded YouTube video documentation.

ePublisher is recommended for any technical writing environment, from lone authors to large teams.

WebWorks CloudDrafts

WebWorks CloudDrafts is a workflow management solution for team authoring environments.

Document organization and storage features:

  • Secure server-based document organization and storage.
  • Support for all document types: Word, FrameMaker, XML, Markdown, graphics, HTML, text, and so forth.
  • Zero roll-out cost for converting existing documents. You can continue using your existing formats, there is no need to convert.

Authoring workflow features:

  • Web access or mapped-drive access, as the authors prefer. CloudDrafts acts as an extension of the author's desktop.
  • Mobile access - access the server from any device.
  • For text-based documents, use the built-in rich-text editor with version comparison, or use your own favorite editor.
  • For binary documents, CloudDrafts interfaces seamlessly with all editors such as Word, FrameMaker, or InDesign, plus tools such as SmartDocs and automated template/macro systems.
  • Project-level access control.
  • Shared authoring.
  • Sandboxing. Authors can work on documents alone and open them to collaborators when ready.
  • Supervisors with appropriate permissions can access all documents and monitor progress at all stages of authoring.
  • Version control. Current and old versions are always available.
  • Revision-conflict prevention and management.

Reviewing features:

  • Peer reviews enabling commenting or direct editing per capabilities of the editor software.
  • Read-only reviewers at no extra cost.

Publishing features:

  • Built-in WebWorks ePublisher output capability to online help, web formats, mobile formats, PDF, and more.
  • Plus the ability to publish with other tools such as Adobe Acrobat.

CloudDrafts is recommended for authoring groups of four or more writers.

AlmondWeb is a WebWorks Channel Partner, serving WebWorks customers in Israel since 2002. We provide WebWorks sales, training, support, configuration, and customization services in Israel and worldwide.